SURGING tides swept across the coasts of the Maldon district as the government issued flood alerts and warnings.

Spring tides at Clacton-on-Sea resulted in higher than average tides levels on Maldon’s waterfronts, including Heybridge Basin, along with Burnham’s quayside and other low-lying areas of the Dengie peninsula.

The government issued a flood warning for Maldon waterfront overnight on Thursday, with areas of Promenade Park and Hythe Quay suffering rising water levels.

Flood alerts still remain for most low lying parts of the district, although the government has lifted the warning for Maldon waterfront.

However, they have confirmed the situation is not expected to escalate and the major flooding threat has now passed.

Shaun Morgan is based near Heybridge Basin. He said: “It was an extremely high tide, but it didn’t get high enough for properties to flood.

“We only really get small floods when it’s been raining and the tide is up as the rain water then cannot drain into the sea.”

Daniel Thornett said: “The tide was extremely high at the Tiptree Jam View Tearoom, never seen it quite so close to the buildings.”

Brian Peterson lives in Burnham. He said: “The tide was very, very high in the River Crouch in Burnham during the afternoon, pretty much lapping up the side of the jetty.

“I was hoping it could wash away the Llys Helig as it’s been sat on its side for so long. Sadly it’s still there, but I’m glad it didn’t get any higher.

“I would hate to see any of Burnham going underwater.”