A HOMEOWNER has hit out at a council after it decided not to replace safety posts which were knocked over by a van.

Wooden posts were put up in The Street, Latchingdon more than eight years ago after concerns for pedestrians and nearby residents.

Last July one post was destroyed after a van drove into it.

At the weekend a second collision saw another post taken out.

Jennie Wright, who has lived on The Street for 20 years, reported the incidents to Essex Highways.

But she said she was shocked to find out this week it was unlikely either post would be replaced.

Essex Highways said the posts wouldn’t be replaced yet as other highways issues were deemed to be a priority.

Ms Wright said: “The posts were put up to stop people parking on the pavement.

“We had one knocked down outside my house in July last year by a van.”

Jennie said she had been told the post would be replaced in the future.

The posts were put up after problems with accidents on the stretch of road.

“Everybody parks on the pavement and they park so close even pushchairs can’t get through,” she added.

A spokesman for Essex Highways said: “Issues like damaged posts are rated for their relative safety priority against other defects, such as potholes.

“If replacing a post is assessed as a lower priority, as these two posts were, then other repairs are carried out first.

“We have previously replaced other posts at this location which were more of a safety priority.”