THE owner of an extremely rare American pick-up truck that was burned out after being used for a ram-raid has branded the thieves ‘evil and nasty’.

One Stop in Wickham Bishops was ram-raided on Friday using a Cherovlet pick-up truck, owned by Adrian Bruns of Little Totham.

The truck was used to ram the store and drag out a cash machine.

When the crooks realised it was empty, they fled, and set the truck alight in Great Totham.

Mr Bruns said the truck was one of only two models in the entire country.

He said: “That pick-up truck was one of only two in this country, I had literally just had it restored.

“No others will ever be available here.

“It’s been mine since 2002 and I loved it like a family member, and now these nasty idiots have ruined this beautiful car for no gain.

“They’ve taken this treasured vehicle from us, and destroyed a store that a community relied on and used every single day.

“I am absolutely devastated, these are nasty, vile, evil, stupid and pathetic thugs.”

Last year, Great Totham post office, which is just down the road from Wickham Bishops, was ramraided twice within six months, with a cash machine being the target.

Jane Phillips, who also lives in Wickham Bishops, said the shop has been targeted before.

She said: “It’s not the first time it’s happened, but all they want is the cash in the machines.

“The trouble is, these thugs are too stupid to realise no cash is kept in the machines or tills overnight, to prevent things like this.

“This store is a lifeline for Wickham Bishops, so many people use it every day and it’s so popular.

“You just can’t think of why anyone would do such a thing, it’s unspeakable.”