A MARKET place with no money, where people can share skills, stories and community spirit, is coming to St Lawrence.

The Share Fair, run with the help of Eden Project Communities, will be held at Jubilee Field, St Lawrence, on Sunday between noon and 4pm.

Hana Malouf, St Lawrence resident and organiser, said the aim of the event is to bring people together, build confidence and grow talents.

She said: “Most of us have things in our homes that we no longer need – good stuff that is sitting unused and taking up valuable space. This might be books we’ve read, clothes we’ve grown out of and ornaments that we no longer like. All this stuff can be brought to the Share Fair and shared or swapped.

“All of us are good at something, even if that is just being friendly for half an hour and listening to somebody who is a bit lonely.”

Christine Sexton, from Eden, added: “Everyone is welcome so please bring your stuff, your skills and your storied but most of all, yourselves.

“It could be new ideas, new recipes, useful information, stories about where we live or projects we’d like to start.

“At a share fair we have comfortable seating areas where people can just sit and chat.”

The Share Fair programme is funded by the National Lottery, and last year saw more than 7.3 million people take part across the country.