A MALDON group has been honoured at this year’s High Sheriff’s Awards.

The prestigious awards recognise community groups who make a major contribution to community safety and crime prevention.

Essex Outboard Association was handed £500 to help pay for Essex volunteer police cadets to attend a course in Aberdovey.

More than 40 voluntary and community organisations in total were represented at the ceremony held at Hyland’s House in Chelmsford where trophies, certificates and grants totalling £25,804 were presented.

Lorna Rolfe said: “During my time as High Sheriff I have had the opportunity to meet members of the voluntary sector who tackle a wide range of issues.

“I have been so impressed that accentuating the positive appears to be their everyday motto and have been amazed and humbled at what they accomplish against all the odds.”

The High Sheriffs’ Fund has distributed nearly 590 grants totalling £485,000 to voluntary and community organisations since 1997 when it began being managed by the Essex Community Foundation.