PUPILS of Maldon Court Preparatory School paid a visit to Chelmsford Cathedral this week.

On Monday, Forms Three and Four from Maldon Court Preparatory School got the wonderful chance to learn the true meaning of Easter, by visiting Chelmsford Cathedral.

During their trip they had a busy fun filled day which started off with learning about the Easter Story. The children took part in many workshops which broke down the story and had a chance to re-enact the Last Supper and even trying a piece of Matzos.

The children got to reflect within these workshops about the Holy Week and wrote prayers and hopes on Rocks and Crosses.

The afternoon gave the children the opportunity to make and design their own clay cross. They chose carefully and thoughtfully their designs and are excited to paint them when they are dry.

Next, they returned to the cathedral and sang with the cathedral’s conductor. To finish off the day the school ended with an activity learning about the resurrection and reflected on the true meaning of Easter; new life.