An elderly lady wants to thank two good samaritans who helped her after she suffered ‘a very nasty fall’ on Maldon high street.

Jean Barnard, 88, of Longmead Avenue, Great Baddow, visited Promenade Park last Saturday morning with her son.

She said: “I was going to do a little bit of shopping when I tripped and had a very nasty fall into the doors of Boots.

“Two ladies stayed with me the whole three quarters of an hour until the ambulance arrived.

“The fall really has shaken me up, I feel as though a steam roller has run over me.”

She said: “They were so very kind and stayed with me the whole time.

“They were very good and I would like to thank them.”

If you helped Mrs Barnard after her fall on Maldon High Street, please get in touch on 01376 334 340.