Tiny plastic bands are filling family homes as kids go crazy for loom bands.

The Duchess of Cambridge was recently spotted wearing a loom band bracelet and playgrounds are full of children creating their own jewellery.

Loom bands, similar to ‘scoubidous’ and ‘cat’s cradle’, hit the area within the last month.

Some enterprising youngsters have even started selling their creations.

Melanie Naunton’s children are selling the bands to raise money for AA Dog Rescue.

The 39-year-old, of New Moor Close, Southminster, said she was ‘very proud’ of her children and their friends.

She said: “They said they would like to make loom bands and sell them for the charity.

“They are paying for the bands themselves.

“They’ve had about £30 worth of orders so far and raised £10.

“We’re spreading the word on Facebook and at school, their latest idea is to sell them at a boot sale.

“They want to raise as much money as possible to help feed the dogs at AA Rescue Centre.”