Boy with sensory condition who did not go to school for a year because he was not allowed to wear a polo shirt to move schools in September

5:00pm Wednesday 2nd July 2014

A boy with a medical condition that makes wearing a shirt uncomfortable has been out of school for a year because he was not allowed to wear a polo shirt.

Carina O’Mahoney decided to take Sean, 12, out of Ormiston Rivers Academy in Burnham last July because he was told he would have to wear a T-shirt underneath a short-sleeved school shirt.

He has sensory impairment, dyspraxia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and is on the autism spectrum, and had previously worn a polo shirt at primary school.

A doctor had asked Ormiston Rivers if he could be exempt from wearing a shirt because certain materials against his skin can be extremely irritating, which then affects his behaviour.

In the last few weeks, Sean has been given a place at Castledon School in Wickford, which caters for children with special educational needs, from September. He will be allowed to wear a polo shirt.

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