A traditional barge match set sail for the 53rd year.

Eleven barges and ten smacks and bawleys from Maldon, Mersea and Brightlingsea competed in races during Saturday’s Blackwater Barge Match.

The 40-mile route as the crow flies took sailors from Osea Island to Wallet Spitway Buoy, in the sea off Clacton, and back.

There were three separate classes for barges and one for smacks.

Results: Class 1 - Staysail barges 1st Centaur, 2nd Dinah.

Class 2 - Senior Staysail 1st Niagara, second Edith May, 3rd Repertor.

Class 3 - Bowsprit 1st Edme, 2nd Adieu, 3rd Cambria.

Smacks - 1st Maria, 2nd My Alice, 3rd Iris Mary.

Bawleys - 1st Marigold, 2nd Gladys, 3rd Mary Amelia.