Residents have been left feeling violated and angry after being targeted by car thieves.

Figures from Essex Police have revealed there has been an increase in the theft of Ford Fiestas and Landrovers across the district, with nine Ford Fiestas and 11 Landrovers stolen between January and May 29, compared to just four Ford Fiestas and one Landrover in the same time period last year.

Vicki Barringer, 25, of Orchard Road, Burnham, was horrified when her blue/grey Ford Fiesta was stolen overnight on Tuesday.

Miss Barringer, a dental nurse, said: “I always park so I can see it from my kitchen window but I looked out and it was gone without a trace.

“It’s horrible because someone has just taken something I worked so hard for."

See the Maldon and Burnham Standard on Thursday for the full story