A second planning application has been made for a gospel hall to be built on a transport depot and haulage yard.

The Chelmsford Gospel Hall Trust, has applied for permission to build a gospel hall and bungalow at AJ Ostridge Transport in Marlpits Road, Purleigh.

The trust originally submitted an application for the development in October 2013 but withdrew this in December.

Purleigh Parish Council had objected to the original application on the grounds there was not enough information about the use of the bungalow and no reason provided for creating another access to the site from Marlpits Road.

A planning supporting document for the latest application prepared by Andrew Beard of planning agent CSJ Planning, said: “The full size and designs of the hall and bungalow have thus been developed in consultation with local Ward Councillors and a meeting with the Parish Council.”

It said the hall is “solely for the use of religious services on Sundays and a couple of times per week at most”, would not use amplified music and added that the trust “have many small local halls around the country that operate in residential areas, and the usual response from neighbours is that they didn’t really know the services went on, given the lack of noise and disturbance.”

Purleigh Parish Council declined to comment at this stage of the application.

Maldon District Council has yet to make a decision.