A HOMELESS couple say they have been living in a tent and sofa surfing after accommodation arranged by their local council was suddenly withdrawn.

Nick Alger, 31, and Chloe Hutchings, 24, were living with Miss Hutchings’ father in a one bedroom flat in Mallards, Mayland, for ten months.

They moved out on February 28 due to tensions and lack of space and Maldon District Council organised temporary accomodation at a Harlow hotel until payment to the hotel, from the council, stopped.

They lived in a tent behind Chloe’s mother’s house in Mundon Road, Maldon, for a week and now rely on friends for shelter.

Miss Hutchings, who has mental health problems, including bi-polar disorder and depression, said: “It’s the worst nightmare, living like this, I feel let down and forgotten.”

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