Increased parking charges at one of the district’s busiest tourist attractions could lead to congestion in residential streets, it has been claimed.

Under the latest Maldon District Council proposals, two of the four car parking tariffs available at Promenade Park in Maldon would rise.

The all day charge would climb from £5 to £6, while the charge for up to four hours would rise from £4 to £5.

No change is planned for the one and two hour tariffs.

The park attracts about 500,000 visitors every year.

Mick Brady, interim chairman of Friends of the Prom, said: “20 per cent is quite steep. I think we would generally be against that.

“It could put visitor numbers down, that would be the major concern.

“I actually think what will happen is people will come and just not park in the Prom Park car park. They’ll park in the streets round and about."

The council estimates the proposed increases would raise an extra £29,534 per year.