The Maldon district has the fastest ageing population in Essex with the number of people aged 65 to 84 expected to grow by 85 per cent by 2033.

It means there is a likelihood of people suffering long term health conditions, including dementia.

A Health Needs Assessment published last July showed only 269 people were registered as having dementia, but the true figure was expected to be 796.

This week's Standard finds out how one group is trying to support patients and carers in the area.

Neighbours Kirsty Finch and Yvonne McDermott set up the Dengie Dementia Cafe after finding it difficult to get support for someone they knew.

Their informal group has helped people such as Ted Dennerley, 76, who has found it difficult getting help for his wife Diana, who has frontotemporal dementia, one of the less common forms of the condition.

Full story in this week's Standard.