A Southminster mum is considering removing her son from primary school over bullying concerns.

Mum-of-six Helen Hilliard, of North Street, claims 10-year-old David has been constantly bullied since September, when he entered his final year at Southminster Primary School.

However the headteacher said they had excluded a child in connection with the alleged bullying.

Mrs Hilliard, a Post Office assistant, said: “He gets picked on and name-called all the time and it makes David agitated.

“He is scared that he can’t control his temper.

“I just don’t think the school has done enough to stop this from happening."

She added: “The situation has got to the point where I want to take him out of the school.

“I don’t want any more months of going through hell.”

Southminster Primary School headteacher, Karen Harden, said: “A boy has been excluded on more than one occasion and won’t be coming back.

“If she feels that that is not doing enough then I am not sure what she wants to do."